Select Page Business leaders from across the West Midlands came together at PEG VI: ‘Empowerment Goes Large’ to discuss how large employers can boost productivity and profitability by empowering their workforce. With attendees including senior figures from RSM, Midlands Connect, HCB Solicitors, Resorts World, Compass Group, Black Country Living Museum, Innovation Birmingham, and Angela Mortimer Group, we has a thought-provoking and lively discussion around the challenges that bigger businesses face around empowerment.

how to get Misoprostol Traditionally, large corporates are geared towards central control, evaluation and decision making, and we looked at whether this left them vulnerable to wrong-headed, and even reckless, decisions and change by individual leaders or leadership teams.

We also addressed the changes that need to be made, and the obstacles that need to be overcome, to move from a managed to an empowered operation, and to what extent employees should be involved in budgets, targets and profit and loss management.

The general consensus was that empowerment on its own is not enough and without accountability, it can be quite dangerous.

Richard Eccles from RSM, said of the event: “It was great to be involved in the PEG discussion on empowerment and share ideas on how other Birmingham-based businesses are addressing this.

“If the Birmingham business community gets fully behind this project, we have the opportunity to transform the economy of the region by mobilising the enthusiasm and digital skills of the younger half of the workforce.

“At RSM we are passionate about this and getting more and more of our teams engaged in all aspects of our business.”  

If you missed the event, don’t worry, you can download the action points we collated from the event here.

Images by Jas Sansi