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buy Lyrica 150 mg online PEG The Debate: London vs Birmingham ‘Making Birmingham a Destination for Decision Makers’ was held at Innovation Birmingham Campus on 18th September 2018, and was streamed live online.

The debate, hosted by Pete Morgan or Monkeypants Productions, featured two expert panels – one representing Birmingham, one representing London.

The panel debated how to attract top graduate talent and the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ and the factors that influence young people’s decisions when deciding where to go to start their careers.

During the event, the audience at the event and watching online were invited to give their opinion and vote using our live interactive polls.

Bookending the debate was the question ‘Your child has just graduated with an excellent degree from a Russell Group university and asks you which would be the best environment for a great career start – London or Birmingham?’
The poll at the start of the night swung towards Birmingham, with 61% of the vote vs 39%, but by the end of the debate, London was almost back on level pegging, with the votes split 53% to 47% in Birmingham’s favour!

pay cytotec Birmingham Panel
Suzie Branch-Haddow – Director at Business Professional Services Academy
David Blackadder-Weinstein – Head of Communications at Midland Connect
Councillor Alex Yip – Conservative councillor at Birmingham City Council
Verity Stokes – Director at Katie Bard

Sơn Tây London Panel
Daisy Page – Divisional Leader at Angela Mortimer
Ari Ratnakumar – Co-founder and CFO of Wiser
John Mortimer – CEO Angela Mortimer Group
Richard Meredith – recent graduate

Watch the full debate on our live stream replay below.

With thanks to Live From for our live stream and Jas Sansi our official photographer.