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antecedently The value of empowering employees to ‘live the brand’ was the focus of a business event in Birmingham aimed at strengthening the region’s employment market.

Gabapentin purchase online uk Professionals from across the West Midlands discussed the benefits of employees being brand ambassadors at the latest thought platform held by the Progressive Employers Group (PEG).

Singkil PEG brings together investment-minded employers to look at ways of attracting and retaining the best talent based on the upside down management model of retail entrepreneur John Timpson.

It has been established by people management and recruitment specialists Katie Bard, and sponsored by The Big Cat Agency.

The session at The Innovation Centre was led by John Mortimer, CEO and co-founder of the Angela Mortimer Group, which includes Birmingham-based Katie Bard.

John said: “It was an insightful discussion surrounding employer branding and the value of an empowered culture within organisations.

“The recruitment pattern has shifted with employees now choosing the employer.

“Businesses need to engage with their staff and get them to buy into their brand because they are the brand ambassadors.

“This was PEG’s third event looking at the overall philosophy of putting employees in the driving seat and our ultimate objective is to help encourage the best talent to stay in the region.”

John was joined by speakers Richard Beevers and Mark Brown, both recognised business consultants.

Mark, who has spent 25 years looking into the values of employees, said: “Empowered engaged employees stay longer.”

Richard added: “The secret of employer branding is treating your staff like customers.”

The next PEG event focusing on developing the perfect graduate career will be held on Tuesday, May 15. For details contact

Download the Presentation on from PEG 3 here