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The Progressive Employers Group recognises that employees are an investment, not a cost. Paying homage to the upside down management model of retail entrepreneur John Timpson, the Progressive Employers Group is a thought platform for business leaders to promote and develop this method in the West Midlands area.

What is “Upside Down Management”?

Focusing on putting employees at the forefront of running a business, upside down management inverts the traditional hierarchical pyramid so that customers are at the top and the Board are at the bottom. Targets, budgets or growth pressures are built from the bottom up. The style is based on a culture of mutual trust and offers great freedom. For John Timpson, and a vast number of other business leaders, this method has been instrumental to their success.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham is not a destination target for top level, ambitious employees. But Birmingham is sitting on the edge of what appears to be a major opportunity. With the advent of HS2, as well as the opening of the HSBC UK head office in January 2018, this is an exciting and transformative phase for the city. Birmingham’s business leaders must engage with these changes and look for ways to empower their employees and strengthen the city’s employment market.

What does PEG do?

We sense a tipping point in the employment history of the UK. PEG believes it is essential to rally and ALL become progressive employers in this rapidly changing landscape. Providing a platform for business leaders to understand, articulate and build on ideas, PEG orchestrates a number of events, panels, meetings and communications. We are currently looking towards PEG 3: Living the Brand (“Creating an Empowered Culture”) for January 2018.

How can you join PEG?

Engaging with PEG’s thought platform provides you with the opportunity to discover more about this style of management. By becoming a progressive employer, you will empower your employees to take ownership over their own targets, and thus the business as a whole. Progressive employers have more chance of creating growth and productivity than old-fashioned cost-based employers. Joining our thought platform can enable you to have a more refined understanding of these practices.

PEG Advantages:

The advantages might include competitive edge, and greater work life balance, or lifestyle benefits for employees, thus a significant win win.

PEG Method:

We are going to bring together a group of “progressive employers”, and work with them as with any interest group, through meetings, events and communications, significantly adding powerful intellectual observation, analysis, and expression.

Register interest

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